Responses to Jan’s Presentations

“Once again you brought the magic of your music and presence to our group. They were a very quiet introverted crowd this time, but your music worked on a deeper level than you will ever know. We all feel grateful that you are so generous with your gifts.
Love,” Miriam MacGillis (Musical presentation at Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ)

“Sincere thanks for a deeply moving experience. As soon as I met you I found a warm, compassionate, open person. Keep up the wonderful Presence of God in you. It is so warm and refreshing to witness.” Marie Joseph Retreat House, Biddeford, Maine, 2007

“What a perfect addition you’ve been to our weekend! You obviously struck the right chord with our gang and touched them with the story from another medium. Art and music reach places that talking never touches. That is why your ministry is so very important for us all – the humans and the other members of the family as well.
Thanks so very much. Peace,” Suzanne Golis (Community weekend for Srs. of St. Joseph of Peace, Stella Maris Retreat Center, NJ)

“Your presentation last evening was so beautifully done – the content, the format, and your own deep down spiritual presence. I wish our committee – at least – would be willing to sit with it and move with it. Seeds have been planted. I have forgotten one or two of the levels of consciousness – need a review. Elaine told me Fr. Peter was talking notes (some of what you shared may show up in his homilies.) Barbara says she’d love to have you give your presentation to our community and likes the idea of the slides for Easter Vigil.
Many thanks,” Constance Kozel, RSM (Lenten reflection for a parish in Dallas, PA)

“What a night I had at the Upper Room! An experience I will long remember. Your presentation of song and storytelling circumvented the mind and went straight to the heart. Of course your message is most essential. It was good to hear it expressed OUT LOUD. It is amazing how the truth seems to be whispered in small circles. It is so liberating to hear the truth spoken.
The one thing that hit home for me is the need to mourn. You have really keyed into what everyone who is concerned is feeling. Yet I hadn’t seen it till last night.
Gratefully Yours,” Kathryn M. Williams (Presentation at the Upper Room, Neptune, NJ)

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful retreat. I had expected a quiet afternoon of reflection, prayer, and Scripture readings. I got all of that, yes. But I also got singing, dancing, and laughter. The glory of God combined with the glory of women! What could be better? The meditation was such a rush! I’ve tried it before, but I couldn’t maintain my concentration. With your guidance, I was so there!
I loved the feminization of God – how you referred to the womb of God. I’ve always felt God is both male and female, but I’ve never heard anyone else allude to that I was delighted.
Could you feel the presence of God? I know He was there!
Please, please, please have another retreat! I’ve been telling everyone about it – more women need to share this experience.
In addition to giving a wonderful retreat, you made me realize two things: It’s good to be a Christian! It’s good to be woman!
Thank you! Love,” Ruth Faderishan (Parish retreat at St. David’s, Scranton, PA)