by Jan Novotka

Song, Spirit, Silence...
flowing from the depths of Creation!

Consider hosting a Concert, Retreat or Wilderness Fast!

CONCERTS (Concerts are 1-2 hours in length.)

At the heart of Jan’s concerts is a love for creation rooted in deep spirituality. Many people have expressed deep appreciation for Jan’s ability to communicate simply, profoundly, and clearly the plight of the Earth, the new cosmology, and where God is in the midst of an evolving Universe. Prayerful and playful participation touches audiences from every walk of life.


Mother of God House of Prayer, Alva, FL

Jan offers three concerts each with their own theme:
1) Celebrating the Universe (a slide presentation of the Universe Story is optional)
2) All is Holy, All is One
3) A New Consciousness

"Once again you brought the magic of your music and presence to our group. They were a very quiet introverted crowd, but your music worked on a deeper level than you will ever know. We all feel grateful that you are so generous with your gifts” Miriam MacGillis


   Touching the Divine within is at the core of Jan's retreats. Through exercises in Awareness of Presence, Being in the Now, and Re-visioning Identity participants discover portals that lead to the Holy. Input, silence, ritual, music, and self inquiry are components of each retreat. (A celebratory concert is an optional ending for each retreat at no extra charge.)

Possible themes:
1) Awakening Consciousness
There is an evolutionary shift occurring at the level of consciousness. Exploring both traditional spirituality and modern scientific insights, this retreat provides the ground work for understanding this new dimension of consciousness. Awakening Consciousness is best as a week long, contemplative experience. If shorter time is necessary it can be broken into two parts.
2) All is Holy, All is One
What does it mean to live as if ALL is Holy and ALL is One? This retreat is an invitation to go deeper into this reality and to name and grapple with that which keeps us from living it.
3) The Silence You Are
So often we are invited to be silent, but our time together we will move toward the truth that "We Are Silence." The inner journey of this retreat touches the stillness of your own depths, the place where you meet the Silence You Are.
4) Welcoming All That Is
Embracing the whole of ourselves and the whole of reality is the focus of this retreat. Letting go, accepting what is, allowing for healing, and investigating oneself in utter honesty is the work of our time together.

"In 54 years of Religious Life, this is the most profound experience I've ever had." June 2007

"Jan, God has given you such giftedness and your willingness to share it is wonderful. Your presence here radiated your spirituality; therefore, I felt the oneness in God, in creation, and in the universe with you. Many thanks for a great retreat." July 2007



   Offered for both individuals and groups at a natural site of your choice, these fasts begin Thursday evening and end noon on Sunday. Saturday is a solo day of fasting in a natural setting. Two different types of fasts are possible:
A Walking Fast
-best for discernment and clarity
A Power Circle
-appropriate as a rite of passage, an expression of gratitude, a ceremony of preparation for a life event or a ceremony for gathering strength

"You were the perfect person to be with us – you are so gifted in the mirroring and capacity to articulate and reflect back to each of us the movement of the Spirit. As you know, it was a life changing Vision Fast!  I have a deep trust in your ability to listen and honor and I encourage you to continue this kind of ‘Spiritual Direction.’ Thank You.” Gail Worcelo (Vision Fast held at Green Mountain Monastery, VT)

For more information or to schedule, contact Jan Novotka at 570-347-2431 or email: