Guidelines for Using Jan’s Music

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Guidelines for Using Jan’s Music

When Jan first started composing and producing songs she allowed her music to be copied/reprinted free of charge when used for earth related purposes. Now that her music comes under the jurisdiction of Jan Novotka’s Music, LLC, an officially registered music publishing company, it is appropriate to follow applicable law when reprinting her songs or making audio copies of any song or CD for public usage. Out of respect for the livelihood of all musicians you are asked to refrain from creating audio copies of CDs for private use.

If you are intending to reprint any of Jan’s music and/or lyrics for liturgical celebrations, retreat programs, song books, magazines, books, bulletins, or other printed material permission from the publisher (Jan Novotka’s Music, LLC) is required. Please send a copy of the program booklet or page containing Jan’s music to the publisher. The purchasing of a “One Time Use License” or an “Annual License” or a "Books, Cards, Magazine License" is necessary for the reprinting of Jan’s music.

A “Power Point License” is required when using the audio verse of a song for any power point presentation. If this presentation is being duplicated, please follow the fee rate on the License Agreement.

If you want to make your own recording of any of Jan’s songs, a written request, including a description of your project, is required. In this case a “Mechanical License Agreement” will be sent to you. This license is also required, along with a “Master Recording License,” when prerecorded material by Jan Novotka is being used for any film, DVD slide show, or other sound recording project. The current standard royalty rate is 9.5 cents per copy. Lyrics, melody and the overall feel of the piece must be retained.

Thank you in advance for being responsible in this matter.


Jan Novotka
Jan Novotka’s Music, LLC (owner)

License Agreements can be obtained at Jan’s website or by calling 570-347-2431.