Jan Novotka

   Since the early 1990ís Jan has been composing songs that flow effortlessly through her. She sings of the sacredness and oneness of all, the unfolding Universe, care for the Earth, the awakening of a new and vast dimension of human consciousness, and the Still, Silent Presence within. Her music touches people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.

   Helping others recognize and connect to the Divine is where Janís giftedness lies. In addition to being a songwriter, she is also available as a retreat director, a wilderness / vision fast guide, a spiritual director, a bio-spiritual focusing companion, and a leader of song for retreats and rituals. Jan works with individuals and groups.

   Janís undergraduate degree is in Religious Studies and Elementary Education. She holds an MA in Religious Education from Fordham University with a concentration in pastoral counseling. Her professional experience includes work as a theology teacher, a campus minister, a school guidance counselor, and a pastoral associate in a Catholic parish. In 1994 Jan studied at Genesis Farm, receiving certification in Earth Literacy. Since then, the focus of her work has been The Universe Story, eco-spirituality, and the evolutionary shift in consciousness. Jan is a trained wilderness/vision fast guide and a Master Gardener/Organic Gardening Consultant. Through her music and simple lifestyle and through the programs she offers, Janís presence and work is gently touching those who encounter her.

Contact Jan at jannovotka@verizon.net
Jan Novotka's Music, LLC
421 17th Avenue
Scranton, PA 18504